Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Windows 8 Will Attend In 2012

Currently the largest OS manufacturer, Microsoft, has announced it will release their latest Windows product in 2012. This 3-year lapse since their last version of Windows, Windows 7 was released to the market in 2009.

This was conveyed by the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at an event for developers in Japan some time ago. "We have a new user interface. We added touch, ink and speech, "as quoted from detikINET.

Also added, that Windows 8 is in addition to PCs will also be available for use on several other platforms.

"As we make progress throughout the year, you can expect to hear more about Windows 8. Windows 8 slate, tablets, PCs and a variety of different forms, "said Ballmer.

Hopefully this time they actually show something new, not just change the User Interface only.

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Smart phones Can Help Diagnose Stroke

When a patient suffers a stroke, which is noteworthy is how fast she got expert care. Now, using medical applications in the iPhone or other smart phone with Android program, doctors were able to quickly diagnose stroke patients, without having taken to the hospital first.
The specialist also can decide how to cope with stroke based on a brain scan images, which are shown on their smart phones. The accuracy was almost the same set of diagnostic tools, based on a study conducted researchers from the University of Calgary.
"Now they can bring experts to tackle the problem," said Ross Mitchell, a medical professor from the university in Canada who participated in the study, as quoted by CNN. "An award should be given here," he continued.
Medical experts may be skeptical of using 3.5-inch screen like the one in the iPhone, for the diagnosis of emergency. However, thanks to developments in compression-image, microprocessors, and wireless-bandwidth data, proved to be as beeepers smarthphone (early indicator).
Application called ResolutionMD Mobile can be downloaded on the App Store for iPhone and iPad or the Android Market. CEO of Calgary Scientific, Byron Osing said a number of neuro-radiological experts in a number of hospitals in Europe were already using it.
Calgary Scientific process the images from the CT Scan (Computerized Tomography Scan) and her co-feed to the server, which then compress the data so that images can be transmitted to the high quality via the Internet. The resulting information can be streamed to the mobile application or Web browser, which doctors use to zoom in and control the brain scan images.
In the technology industry, this is called virtualization. This concept is not like the result in the desktop PC you work on a laptop, or stream music over the web.
According to Brian Osing, the method of compression is important to produce high-resolution images in a situation that suddenly, for faster loading time.
"If you only have access to 3G and Wi-Fi, it will take an hour to download one picture," said Osing. "Digital images so massive, and growing larger every year."
In their study, researchers using the application on the iPhone 3G, which produces images that are still rough. But Ross Mitchell said the better results obtained over the development of new models of smartphones (as well as with the emergence of IPAD).
Renowned medical facilities, The Mayo Clinic, has been trying ResolutionMD Mobile in parts of Arizona, USA. This application was greeted enthusiastically.
"It saved some lives on the outskirts of Arizona. Patients receive care from afar, and they remain in place that far," said Ross Mitchell.
This program has been approved in Canada and Europe, but not to the approval of the Administration of Food and Drugs United States. Brian Osing said the approval process has been processed since two years ago, and approached the final process.
Prior to treatment, physicians should be able to diagnose what type of stroke suffered by the patient. Because using the wrong drugs could be fatal impact. Therefore, the results of the CT scan is needed quickly.
But many hospitals in small towns who do not have adequate equipment. Therefore, Ross Mitchell asked the doctor to try to demonstrate this application, rather than doubting the diagnosis based on the handheld screen.
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Science & Technology In Internet, Emerging New Threats 9 per Seconds

Online Crime happens every day around the world. At Norton Cybercrime Index report that collects and warn the user that there is risk of cyber crime, Symantec revealed alarming results.
"Years ago, there were 286 million distinct threat. If averaged, there are 9 new threats every second, "said Janice Chaffin, Group President, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec, in a statement, 7 April 2011. "The threat was targeting the consumer computer, corporate, and governance," he said.
Given the large growth of these threats, Chaffin says, consumers need a strong and complete protection to protect your identity, computer, and document them as they perform a search, shopping, banking activities, or socializing online.
To that end, Symantec Norton 360 version 5.0 brings, the security package all-in-one of their latest. In some recent tests by independent labs, Norton 360 so-called ranked first in the protection and performance.
"Consumers increasingly require protection because of cyber crime targeting every aspect of life is increasingly digital," says Chaffin. "For that we designed the latest version of Norton 360 to give the program's all-in-one that does not slow down their PC," he said.
In Indonesia, Norton 360 version 5 that can be installed up to three PCs are available from April to purchase in Indonesia through various retailers and online stores in http://store.norton.com/id/en Norton.
The recommended retail price is Rp305, 550 (1 PC license) and Rp539, 550 (3 PC licenses) for the standard edition includes 2GB of online storage space and a one-year subscription to use the product and receive Symantec's protection updates.
The latest version of Norton 360 supports Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) Home / Professional / Tablet PC / Media Center with Service Pack 2 or higher, Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Microsoft's Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) for both editions of Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Ultimate.
All users of Norton 360 with a valid product subscription are entitled to download and use the latest versions of all products and product updates released during the subscription period.
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AMD cuts the top products and the AMD FX-8130P FX-8110

Ready to compete with Intel's Core i7, compared with a head to head

Intel is currently the best processor manufacturer, especially with the Core i7 brand-new 26xx most used today by gaming.
But the dominance of powerful AMD processors with many cores, not just clock speed that high. AMD processors with many cores will save you time the application process, plus the price is also cheap.

This time AMD FX-8130P prepare and FX-8110 as the top line of processors. They cost $ 320 and $ 290 with 8 cores
Want cheaper, can use the FX-6110, only $ 240 with 6 cores. Need even lower with 4 cores FX 4110 only $ 190.

AMD wants to compete with Intel's Core i7 to beat the 2600 series. Seeing the price of Intel processors with 4 cores of course those who need core strength will choose AMD with 6 or 8 cores.

Below is a table of processors from AMD and rival Intel, compared with a head to head of each series


4 In addition to new processors, type i3 i5 and type 4 cores

4 In addition to low-cost processors, Intel is preparing another 3 other processors.

To 3 processors are the type Core i5 and i3. Having 4 cores and 2 cores. Highest Keceaptan held by Core i5 2310 with 95W TDP. All three processors will sell above 100 dollars

Below is a list of three processors Core i5 and i3 from Intel's latest IGP type

Core i5-2405S 4 / 4 2,5 / 3,3 GHz 6 MB HD 3000 850 / 1.100 MHz 65 W $205
Core i5-2310 4 / 4 2,9 / 3,2 GHz 6 MB HD 2000 850 / 1.100 MHz 95 W $177
Core i3-2105 2 / 4 3,1 / - GHz 3 MB HD 3000 850 / 1.100 MHz 65 W $134


Microsoft preparing Windows 8, there are 4 versions for ARM

Microsoft will release Windows 8 in various versions. Including 4 for tablet PCs and Smartphones using ARM.
Currently, ARM processors can not run the Windows long time, but only to ARM from the latest Intel.
There has not further explained how the OS Windows 8 will be. Perhaps like the release of Windows 7 with some version of the Home, Pro to Ultimate. Later Windows 8 will be divided again in the x86 version, X64 and ARM.
When to gadgets and computer users can enjoy the Windows 8. Still waiting until January 7, 2013.


Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Google Help Business Promotion with 'Business Photos'

For companies that want to promote their business to millions of consumers, Google is providing a new service for easier via Google Business Photos. And it's all free! It is very easy. Those who are interested, can directly register at the Google page Business Photos. Applications such registration includes name, email address, type of business that is managed, the URL accounts Business Place Page and numbers can be contacted. Later, Google will send a professional photographer to take pictures of a place of business of the registrant. The type of business that could utilize these services include restaurants, hotels, beauty parlors, and others. Furthermore, as quoted from PC World, on Friday (06/05/2011), Google's photo shots photographer will appear in the Place Page of the registrant. Obviously, this will allow Internet users seeking specific information about a particular business. The business owner can also upload their own photo shots by logging into Google Places. For now, the photographers Google's new Business Photos can reach business people in certain cities in the United States, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Google plans to expand this service so that business people in addition to the four countries can also take advantage of free photo services from Business Photos.


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