Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Windows 8 Will Attend In 2012

Currently the largest OS manufacturer, Microsoft, has announced it will release their latest Windows product in 2012. This 3-year lapse since their last version of Windows, Windows 7 was released to the market in 2009.


This was conveyed by the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at an event for developers in Japan some time ago. "We have a new user interface. We added touch, ink and speech, "as quoted from detikINET.

Also added, that Windows 8 is in addition to PCs will also be available for use on several other platforms.

"As we make progress throughout the year, you can expect to hear more about Windows 8. Windows 8 slate, tablets, PCs and a variety of different forms, "said Ballmer.

Hopefully this time they actually show something new, not just change the User Interface only.

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